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We fix garage door openers

We fix garage door openers

Call Perfect Solutions Garage Doors today if your garage door opener is broken and you need garage door repair service. We can come out and service your garage door the right way if you need the springs replaced. Call 331-216-0020 to speak with Perfect Solutions Garage Doors today about your garage door opener repair service in Oswego IL.

Garage door openers are an extremely essential part of a garage door, being the gear which controls the opening and closing of the said door. If you want to a garage door repairs service, you only need to contact a reliable company. A good company carries diverse brands and models of openers and its parts therefore you never need to worry.

Types of Garage Door Openers

In general, there are 4 kinds of garage door openers available such as chain drive, screw-drive, belt-drive as well as direct. Obviously, garage door openers are differentiated by the mechanical drive they utilize to function.

  • The most popular form is the chain-drive. This reasonable type of garage door openers functions through utilizing a chain, akin to a bicycle chain, looped around the rail. It’s the oldest, but still the most common type. It might not work silently, however it still offers good value. The chain might grow loose in due course, though. There are some units that conceal the chain, as a result making the chain-drive garage door opener a bit quieter.
  • A Belt-drive garage door opener is utilizing a metal-reinforced rubber belt, the same to an automobile’s fan belt, rather than a chain, so as to raise and lower the doors. This kind of opener is expensive than the chain-drive type, however it works silently as there’s no metal-on metal contact. In view of the fact that rubber is tough and sturdily constructed, a belt drive opener could lift even the heaviest garage doors, provides years of service and frequently come with lifetime belt warranty.
  • A screw-drive garage door opener is perhaps the simplest to set up when you plan a DIY route, and they need very little maintenance afterwards. This kind of opener utilizes a long metal rod that is threaded like a screw in order to function. In order to keep the level of noise lower, keep in mind to keep the opener lubricated.
  • Direct-drive has been in use for the last 30 years, however this type is recently getting common in the United States and all parts of the world.

These are utilizing a motor which drives itself down the stationary chain. This is easy to maintain, very dependable, as the warranty covers not just the motor, but also the circuit board, the chain as well as rail. They are also quite like the belt-drive openers. Apart from lifting power of this opener and the level of noise which they produce, the speed might be most important and vital features. Having them incorporated with lights is also significant in many cases.

We offer repair and installation for all garage door openers in Oswego IL. Perfect Solution Garage Doors can fix your garage door opener today.

Garage Door Opener Repair Solution available here

Garage Door Opener Repair Solution available here

There are many parts in the garage door opening systems. The smooth working of these parts makes sure the proper performance of garage door openers. The main components in garage door opener systems are: remote control, remote control transmitters, circuit boards, receivers, keypads, sensors, brackets, rollers, receiver/remote kits, lock kit, key pads, Gear kit, Screw drive Traveler, Front and Rear Idler, Gear and sprocket assembly, wall consoles/ wall buttons, sequencer board, logic board, safety sensors, monitor, lubricants etc.